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Triple Threat Podcast: 22 in ‘22

A’ja Wilson, No. 22, won the WNBA championship in 2022 and the Bonnet Gang is here to celebrate. Love for Wilson, Becky Hammon, Dearica Hamby and Chelsea Gray. Criticism for the Sun, Derek Fisher and Tina Charles.

Las Vegas Aces Victory Parade & Rally Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Bonnet Gang’s latest podcast is here to congratulate the Las Vegas Aces!

South Carolina fans will be happy to hear Chauny gloat about the Gamecocks now winning back-to-back titles in two different leagues with Aces MVP A’ja Wilson being their mayor. She says it was destiny for Wilson, No. 22, to win it all in 2022.

Mixed in with all the A’ja love is a lot of love for Aces head coach Becky Hammon, who won the title in her first year as a head coach. Chauny calls Hammon’s ATOs “legendary” and says Bill Laimbeer’s ATOs from last year just weren’t up to snuff.

Moving on to a discussion of the Vegas parade, the gang congratulates Dearica Hamby on her pregnancy. Chauny also predicts there will be some changes to the rules surrounding parades and postgame pressers in the future. She noticed that since Kierstan Bell was dropping f-bombs all over the place that by the time they got to Wilson’s speech they were on delay because they knew she was going to swear too.

Chauny thinks the parade was perfect and Trisity says we’ll be lucky if all we get out of her is an f-bomb after she wins a championship — she’s calling out everybody!

A discussion of the Finals wouldn't be complete without some Chelsea Gray talk. Is she the third-best player in the WNBA if she keeps playing like this?

The gang also takes a look at what Connecticut did wrong and how Jonquel Jones failed to take over. The Sparks don’t escape their criticism either as they remind everyone how Derek Fisher couldn’t win free agency battles to keep Candace Parker and Chelsea Gray, winners of the last two championships with other teams.

There’s also some looking back on the Aces/Storm semifinal series in this episode, with some major criticism of Tina Charles.

Then there’s the not-so-glowing sports issues to get into: Ime Udoka, Robert Sarver and Brett Favre.

Juanita thinks that Sarver was going to be forced out no matter what and that Adam Silver should have just handed down a harsher punishment in the first place. Meanwhile, there’s really nothing left to say about Favre except that the story of his scandal has been developing for over a year and that what he did in taking money intended for those in need is just unforgivable.

As always, the episode wraps up with a discussion of new music, including Ari Lennox’s new album, “age/sex/location.”

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