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Just Women’s Sports drops Pride Collection to celebrate LGBTQI+ community

The leading multimedia platform, which exclusively covers women’s sports, is welcoming Pride Month with a special T-Shirt and hoodie that say “Love who you want and watch women’s sports.”

Photo courtesy of Ashley Proud

Just Women’s Sports (JWS) launched it’s second annual Pride Collection Wednesday, the first day of Pride Month. The collection features a T-shirt ($40) and a hoodie ($65), both with “Love who you want and watch women's sports” written on the front and back. You can buy them here and know that 50 percent of the proceeds will be given to Athlete Ally, which works to end homophobia and transphobia in sport.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Proud
Photo courtesy of Ashley Proud

Here is a statement from JWS on its collection:

Women’s sports wouldn’t exist without LGBTQI+ athletes and fans. The JWS Pride Collection elevates and celebrates the incomparable contributions and impact of this core community. The bold, brightly-hued t-shirt ($40.00) and hoodie ($65.00) are built around a rallying cry that’s both playful and earnest: “Love who you want and watch women’s sports.” It’s a message that reflects JWS’ mission to raise the bar for both women’s sports and the incredible athletes and fans who drive the space.

Last year’s Pride Collection sold out within hours and crashed its website.