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Kelsey Plum stars on LOL Network’s ‘Cold As Balls’ with Kevin Hart

Las Vegas Aces superstar Kelsey Plum continued to receive the WNBA champion treatment by going on Kevin Hart’s popular YouTube show where he interviews athletes while taking an ice bath.

Kevin Hart (left) and Kelsey Plum on “Cold As Balls.”
Photo courtesy of Amanda Dolan of Metro Public Relations

The regular-season leading scorer for the WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces, who averaged 17.3 points and 5.3 assists over the final three games of the Finals, Kelsey Plum, appeared on LOL Network’s “Cold As Balls” with Kevin Hart on Tuesday in a hilarious episode where she discusses all the relevant topics surrounding her you’d expect.

Hart asks Plum about her college accomplishments and she reminds him that she is the NCAAW Division I all-time leading scorer (3,527 points from 2014 to 2017 at Washington). She averaged 31.7 points per game as a senior. Toward the end of the episode Hart asks Plum to come up with trivia questions about herself and she asks him to guess how many total points she scored as a senior. Hart is way off, guessing 3,000 something when it was really 1,109, and this leads to Plum teasing him about his math skills.

Kelsey Plum (left) and Kevin Hart
Photo courtesy of Amanda Dolan of Metro Public Relations

Plum was third in WNBA MVP voting this past season, trailing only the two best players in the world, A’ja Wilson and Breanna Stewart. So she is a superstar now, but remembers when she “was humbled very quickly” as a rookie. She recounts a time when her idol, Diana Taurasi, elbowed her in the stomach, drained a three and winked at her.

On a more serious note, Plum and Hart talk about the goal of the women’s basketball community to eliminate the need to play overseas by paying WNBA players more. They also discuss the need for the WNBA and NBA All-Star Game MVP trophies to be the same size. Plum is given a tiny trophy mocking her tiny 2022 All-Star MVP trophy and later a whole bunch of mini trophies are dumped in Hart’s tub as a joke. Plum then talks about her nickname “Plumdog” and barking at Tom Brady.

In the episode, the pair also have a shootout with mini hoops and mini balls, which Plum wins, and Plum invites Hart to try and show off his basketball skills at an Aces practice.

You can watch the full episode below and see new episodes on the LOL Network YouTube channel. Next week is the season finale with Patrick Beverly of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Wilson, who plays with Plum on the Aces, has also been a guest on “Cold As Balls.”