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Protracted trade talks with Dallas Wings impacting Liz Cambage’s health

In an Instagram story posted in the wee hours of Wednesday, May 15, the Wings center shares the toll the ordeal is taking on her health. She also threatens to divulge what has been occurring behind the scenes.

Liz Cambage made history in the 2018 WNBA season by scoring 53 points in a game to set a record and, two days later, banking 35 more for a combined 88 and a second record.
Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images

The 2019 WNBA preseason tipped off last week without Liz Cambage: the Dallas Wings star who made history in the 2018 season by scoring a record-setting 53 points in a single game and, two days later, banking 35 more points for a combined 88 points in a two-game span, for a second record. But, a calendar year later, things could not be more different.

The optimism and excitement Cambage expressed about returning to the WNBA in 2018 following a six-year absence have been leveled by the strain of ongoing trade negotiations with the Dallas Wings — a process which now appears to be taking a heavy toll on Cambage’s overall health.

In recent days, the WNBA Twittersphere has been abuzz about a prospective trade that would send Cambage to the Las Vegas Aces for, presumably, many pieces. (Wings general manager Greg Bibb expressed in prior interviews that any trade would have to benefit the Dallas franchise.) According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal on Monday, May 13, “no deal is imminent,” with the likelihood of a deal happening being 50 percent.

Two days later, that 50 percent chance is looking a lot slimmer.

The most recent story posted by Cambage to her Instagram account shows a woman under duress, with Cambage stating in a video, through tears, that she is on the verge of divulging what has been going on behind the scenes with the Dallas Wings.

Posted around midnight Eastern time, Cambage says:

All of it’s bullshit. And I’m this close to running my mouth. This fucking close.

She holds her fingers together for effect and can be seen wiping away tears.

Liz Cambage via Instagram
Liz Cambage via Instagram

She also wrote a message that appears to be directed toward the Dallas Wings front office. It reads: “[Y]ou never cared about me, you just care about owning me. I’m a human and I deserve to be treated that way.”

Liz Cambage via Instagram

Cambage further claims the stress of what so far has been a protracted process is impacting her health. Being “stuck in limbo,” Cambage writes, has made it difficult for her to eat and sleep.

Liz Cambage via Instagram

What the 6-foot-8 Australian calls “the plus side” of the situation is a noticeable weight loss, writing, “all this stress got me lean.”

Liz Cambage via Instagram

I reached out to the Dallas Wings Monday night, who would neither confirm nor deny the status of Cambage’s trade talks, stating only:

We do not have a comment at this time.

Cambage remains listed on the Dallas Wings’ roster, but the All-Star has not participated in training camp or preseason games. For the sake of Cambage’s health and all parties involved — from the Wings’ players who also are impacted by the prolonged uncertainty of Cambage’s trade status to players on other teams whose names are caught up in the trade discussions — let’s hope this gets resolved soon.