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Las Vegas Aces star Kayla McBride is recognized for prolific scoring with ‘McBuckets’ t-shirt from BreakingT!

Swish Appeal has joined forces with BreakingT to memorialize for fans the best and most beautiful moments in basketball. First up, Las Vegas Aces star Kayla McBride gets recognized for her prolific scoring.

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Buzzer-beating shots. Beast-mode blocks. Sexy dishes.

The game of basketball is never short on record-breaking, expectation-defying feats that excite and inspire. By becoming an affiliate of BreakingT, Swish Appeal will help to freeze these moments in real-time.

BreakingT promises “insanely fast launches,” and Tamryn Spruill, Swish Appeal Editor-In-Chief, believes this approach takes fan engagement to the next level.

“Kayla McBride has been shooting comets all season,” Spruill said. “She’s such a prolific scorer, an All-Star, whose clutch scoring makes the crowd go wild. Fans want to celebrate their favorite players and this McBuckets t-shirt gives them a visible way to do so.”

BreakingT also promises quality, touting a tested blend of “cotton, polyester, and other fabrics ... that look great and feel amazing.” Even better, the shirts are reported to “age well and actually get better with each wash” — giving fans the chance to relive that special moment over and over, for years to come.

BreakingT certainly is sporting an innovative business model, operating more like “a newsroom with a 24/7/365 launch schedule and new releases happening as fast as trends are breaking on social media.”

The good news for WNBA fans is the possibility of new t-shirts popping up at any time, based on player performances, and quick delivery times that will allow them to rock the gear at a near-future game. Plus, a portion of sales are funneled to the players via the WNBA Players Association, so buying a BreakingT tee means supporting players in more ways than one.

Kayla McBride’s next game? The 2018 WNBA All-Star Game on Saturday July 28 in Minneapolis! Celebrate her incredible season and cheer her and the Aces towards the playoffs with this WNBPA-approved McBuckets tee.