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WNBA will feature its new Nike uniforms during the draft

The Draft will be at Nike’s New York Headquarters, so this is a logical time to do it.

Nike Releases Earnings Report Amid Internal Shake Up Over Sexist Behavior Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images

UPDATE: The WNBA has released the Nike uniform designs for all 12 teams, though it’s just in one color. The original post is below:

When WNBA draft prospects hear their names called later tonight, we will see them hold one of the league’s new Nike jerseys. Since the draft will be at Nike New York Headquarters, this is a logical time to release them.

According to Doug Feinberg of the Associated Press, the uniforms were supposed to be released on Wednesday, a day before the draft. However the league decided to push the release back.

Though we didn’t see Nike’s WNBA uniforms just yet, we did get a glimpse of what the Wings’ warm ups and practice gear will look like. Skylar Diggins-Smith wore them in her “Watch Me Work” video that was released yesterday.