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Sun suffer tough loss to last-place Dream; McCoughtry nets 33

Angel McCoughtry led the Atlanta Dream to victory over the Connecticut Sun. She scored 33 points and had 8 rebounds.

Chris Poss

Atlanta's playoff chase is over, but they still managed to turn some heads beating Connecticut on their home court 102-92.

Most nights 92 points will get you the win, but for Connecticut it kept them close but not close enough. The Sun, trying to stop a three-game losing streak, played from behind throughout the game and had difficulty containing Atlanta Dream's McCoughtry, who scored an impressive 33 points and 8 rebounds.

In the first quarter, both teams shot well and were 3-3 from the three-point line. Sun Jennifer Lacy lit up and was 4-4- from the field and helped her team stay neck in neck with Atlanta, 23-23.

Connecticut's Greene and multiple players took a wack at guarding McCoughtry, but her size and versatility could not be matched.

At the half, the Dream scored an astronomical 63 points and shot 72%, half of the Dreams points came from the three-point line.  The Sun got outworked defensively and trailed by 16 going into halftime.

You would think that Atlanta would have to cool off at some point, but they continued to make a run in the third quarter.  The Sun was never able to get a good stop, but they answered back on many plays scoring difficult baskets. Connecticut fought back to close the gap 84-75 with one minute left in the third quarter.

It turned very physical in the fourth quarter players banging into each other down low. The Sun did not give up and closed the deficit 87-80 with six minutes left.  Connecticut is missing several players due to injury, so that could explain why they are struggling so much.

The Dream handed the Sun their fourth straight loss and scored a whopping 102 while Connecticut scored 92 points, which isn't chopped liver. The final score, 102-92, indicates a relatively close margin, but it never felt like the Sun was going to turn this game around.