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San Antonio Stars rookie Bri Kulas discusses her first day of WNBA training camp

Missouri alum Bri Kulas sent us a blog about her arrival to San Antonio last week and her first day of training camp as a rookie with the Stars.


I arrived in San Antonio on Thursday afternoon. When I got here we went to the rental car place to rent a car and then me and Kayla McBride went out to eat. I would say that arriving to San Antonio a couple days before camp actually started worked out well because it gave me a few days to relax and get acclimated with the city.

The first day of training camp was today. I woke up at about 8 o'clock this morning because I was so anxious to get to the gym and start this process. I would say that going into training camp I did not know what to really expect but from my few days being here early and being around the coaching staff I knew that they were going to be very welcoming.

Day One of this opportunity was definitely a success. Everything did not go perfect, but I would say for the most part things went well. Different from college basketball, today was a heavy learning day. We learned a lot about their system and the plays they run, how they come off screens, and how they defend.

I went into today with listening ears and absorbed all the information that was given to us not only from the coaches but from the vets as well. The vets were awesome at helping us rookies understand what was going on. I am so thankful to be apart of this welcoming atmosphere, and I cannot wait until tomorrow.

My goal throughout this process is to learn and apply what I learn each and every day, play hard, and have fun. Never be content with how I preformed the previous day, and get better each and every day I am here.

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