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Sparks Watch Day 29: Pam McGee's 50th birthday present from NBA son JaVale McGee

Denver Nuggets forward JaVale McGee gave mom Pam McGee a brand new car with a red bow on top (like those crazy Christmas commercials) on an episode of Mom's Got Game (via OWN TV).

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Part of what makes the state of flux that the Los Angeles Sparks franchise is in is that it holds a rather significant place in WNBA history (and not just because the L.A. market is needed for TV purposes).

They played host for the league's first ever game at The Forum in Inglewood. Star center Lisa Leslie had the league's first dunk. Candace Parker became the first player in league history to throw down two dunks in a career. As reported by USA Today, they've been first in attendance for the past two seasons.

Also among those Sparks firsts is Pam McGee, who retired as a member of the Sparks and holds the distinction of being part of the first WNBA-NBA mother-son combination: her son JaVale McGee currently plays for the Denver Nuggets and has provided plenty of material for NBA bloggers to discuss over the years.

On a recent episode of Pam's show Mom's Got Game (via Huffington Post), JaVale gave Pam a brand new car for her 50th birthday (which was actually on December 1). Among the additional firsts this probably qualifies as, we believe she's the first WNBA player with her own U.S. reality TV show. Feel free to fact check us on that.

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Ok, so yes it's challenging to have a Sparks Watch when there's so very little news out there about what's going on. But we shall persevere until the end of this ordeal, which we fully expect to come relatively soon in one way or another.

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And the arbitrary deadline for the Warriors? Three days....