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Washington Mystics cut Natalie Novosel and Drey Mingo

Today, per the Washington Mystics' Twitter page ,they have waived forward Drey Mingo and guard Natalie Novosel. The roster's now at 12 players.

I know that with Novosel's departure, I now look like a fool. I seriously thought she was going to make this team given the relative lack of wing players on the roster. And yes, I wanted her to get a chance to show what she can do and I'll be the first to say that I'm very disappointed that it looks like she won't have that chance at least here in DC.

But having said that, Coach Thibault has made a promise to all fans that he is not signing or keeping anyone simply for sentimental reasons or for Our Girls Syndrome (OGS) reasons. Basketball will be why a player has or doesn't have a job in this league.

Trading away Jasmine Thomas was indicative of that. Not drafting Tianna Hawkins or Sugar Rodgers at #4 when Tayler Hill was the best choice is also indicative of that and there were a number of fans who wanted them here at that spot. After all Christy Winters-Scott at some point thought she'd be a great fit. And yes, cutting Natalie Novosel if she's not good enough for this team right now, which is what Coach Thibault has determined, is also indicative of that. Because I have faith in him and the way he's running this team, I support his decision.

With Novosel out, this also indicates that NONE of the Mystics' Draft Picks or acquired first round draft picks from the previous GM/coaching regime will return for 2013 in the Thibault era. Those players are Ta'Shia Phillips, Victoria Dunlap, and Jasmine Thomas (who was technically a Storm draft pick) from 2011; and LaSondra Barrett and now Natalie Novosel from 2012.

I'm kind of bummed, but like I said, I want Mike Thibault to rebuild this team for sustained long term success, and if this is what he has to do, this is what he has to do.

And yes, we all wish Natalie Novosel and Drey Mingo the best as they try to find roles on other WNBA teams.