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Washington Mystics make changes for season ticket holders - everyone has his or her own account representative from the new dedicated Mystics staff

Earlier this week, Monumental Sports' Director of Mystics Ticket Sales, Danita Johnson sent out an email to fans in regards to business changes that have been made this season. Read the whole email which I captured in a snapshot and you can read it here. Some contact info was redacted.

The only change is that nearly every season ticket holder is getting a new guest services representative including those with accounts for the other teams, which include me. I expected this to happen from the beginning even though I was told at first that I probably wouldn't face such changes.

At least from management's eyes, it keeps things simpler for them and it may be better that there's a separate staff anyway for the Mystics.. While the old system worked for me from a traditional customer service standpoint, I know it didn't work so well with others. So I think for most Mystics STH's, this is a win as I've indicated before.

I am not happy with this for my selfish interest, but not everyone can be totally happy with every decision. Therefore, if this makes most Mystics fans happy, it makes me happy.