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Washington Mystics assistant coaches Marianne Stanley and Eric Thibault give video interviews

Here's a video interview with Washington Mystics assistant coach Marianne Stanley on Monumental Network which was given yesterday. It's nearly nine minutes long and hits a wide variety of topics and it is actually pretty good. In addition, Eric Thibault also gave an interview last Monday on Monumental Network.

A lot of Stanley's interview centers on her time at Immaculata University with the Mighty Macs, the power shifts in women's college basketball, and talk about the 2013 Draft Class' "Big Three." Coach Thibault's interview doesn't seem to be all that telling on anything but he threw out the line "building our identity" which the previous coaching regime looked for well into the 2012 season...

If you are wondering what Stanley or Thibault are thinking with the current players or what this team plans on doing, like we saw in many of Mike Thibault's interviews, they never mentioned players by name or committed to any particular thing they'd like to do in the draft, etc. But since Mike Thibault has more or less endorsed Crystal Langhorne and Natalie Novosel from the 2012 team, it's a safe bet that they'll be on the 2013 team and it's also anyone's guess as to what happens over the next couple months as this team looks to add more upside to the roster and have a bright future in DC this summer and beyond.