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Natalie Novosel and Crystal Langhorne give quick video interviews

Considering that there are multiple posts on her in the last couple days, I declare this week "Natalie Novosel Week!"

Here's a video link from Monumental Network, which was taken during the same time as the STH event this past Wednesday.

It should be noted that in the interview Casey Phillips mentioned that Natalie's overseas team, Targoviste based in Romania folded, which refers to when the team's budget was slashed in half last December and this prompted Natalie to leave the team along with other players, which included current Mystics forward Monique Currie, but she was only expected to play on the team through December anyway. However, the team still clearly played games after the start of 2013, which doesn't seem to indicate that the team ceased operations midseason.

Still, we're glad to hear from Natalie herself that she's happy to be in a new system here in DC as the Mystics build their team for future success.

In addition, Mystics forward Crystal Langhorne was in town last week and here's her video where she gives her take on Mike Thibault and her overseas team.