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Mike Thibault gives interview with Monumental Network on latest offseason moves

Mystics GM/HC Mike Thibault has given a new interview that was released today on Monumental Network. So here's the main takeaways I got from it

1. He believes that Ivory Latta does have the potential to be a starting guard for the future. That is the strongest endorsement I have seen him give any Mystics player so far this offseason.

2. He has been doing a lot of draft scouting to determine which person is potentially the 4th best player because much of the work has been done with the first three as it is. After all, they're getting the hype Maybe this indicates that he will just keep the pick?

3. However he also stated that the Mystics are still mulling over trade options, so if you're in the camp of hoping that Coach Thibault works some magic somewhere, maybe he'll do something you'll like and it doesn't appear that any door is closed right now. And to get back to #2, Thibault has to see which players look to be the best player after the "Big Three" regardless of whether that player plays in DC or not. Another team may covet that player and that pick. Still, he does sound like he is fine with keeping that pick.

4. In regards to the Mystics' other free agent acquisitions. Avery Warley will have a chance to be a rotation post on the Mystics, and Ashley Corral also will have an opportunity to make the team.

So has Thibault tipped his hand? Not really to me. What we do know is that the players who he acquired certainly figure to be possible contributors on the 2013 Mystics team, but kind of like Coach Thibault has indicated since taking this job, he isn't afraid to make a move involving a loved player for business reasons.