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Washington Mystics fans react to Tayler Hill's pregnancy

Fans react to Hill's pregnancy and a good number have a negative outlook on her future in DC.

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On the Mystics' Facebook page, a number of fans have shown some negativity toward her future in DC due to her pregnancy.  While virtually everyone was happy for Hill personally, a number of people have questioned whether she was truly committed to the Mystics, or whether she was the right pick at #4 in the 2013 Draft.  Click here to read the post and comments.

As for Hill's commitment to the game, here's a video of her interviewing with Monumental Sports' Casey Phillips back from last summer.  Now that we have hindsight, she does talk about a family and her career - and this interview from 5:30 on could be a reason to question it if you feel that way about her. (Click here if you can't see the embed)

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Nate, Zack, and I actually talked about that issue amongst each other back last summer before she showed promise toward the end of the season.  We didn't, and still don't believe that Hill wanting or having a family is reason for fans to believe that she won't be in this league for long, nor does this imply that she isn't committed to the Mystics.  There have been a number of other players who have had children and who aren't A-List players like Candace Parker or Lisa Leslie and have still played at a high level after having children.  If she has a diva mentality on the other hand, then that's something to be worried about, but that has nothing to do with this post.

And I'll just be on record saying that I will not waver in my hope that Hill succeeds in this league and becomes a foundational player in the WNBA, and in a Mystics uniform.

As for whether Hill was the right pick in the Draft, well, Thibault acquired a number of posts, and Kia Vaughn played well for DC last season.  I'll just say that I find it hard for Tianna Hawkins or Kelsey Bone to do more than what Hill did if they were here instead with this roster.  I still believe she was the right choice given the hand that was dealt.

Mystics fans are definitely concerned about where the franchise goes now that Hill will probably not play at an optimal level next year.  But I feel that some may just be using her as a scapegoat for issues and questions that this team has that go beyond her.  And that really bothers me.

I know that I been very critical on the Mystics' direction and their de-facto foundational players here.  But that is because of basketball reasons and the need for this team to have a new foundation in order to win a championship.  I just can't question players' personal lives regarding family decisions like these.

It will be interesting to see what moves are made in light of this and we will talk about that later.  But for now, I'll just reiterate that I'm happy for Hill and her family, and also wish that she does come back strong when she's ready.

Update at 9:30 AM ET - Tayler Hill's aunt responds to fan criticisms on their Facebook page.  I agree with her.