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WNBA: Power Rankings

Brrr it’s a cold week of Power Rankings

Once again the Los Angeles Sparks and the Minnesota Lynx are at the top of the power rankings, but where do the rest of the teams fall?

WNBA and ... Harry Potter

The Lynx are at the top of the league now, even if just by a little bit.

Power Rankings: Top, bottom & somewhere in-between

Another week, means another breakdown of where the league is right before the Olympic break.

Whose up and whose down?

Teams are making some noise this week in the power rankings.

Shifting across the league

Weeks into the season, teams have started to make movement, as chemistry is building within teams and results are showing on the court.

Strength at the top

With a new week ahead of us into the WNBA league, the top still has two teams that are undefeated.

Week 2 Power Rankings

Here are this week's Power Rankings, and there is a new team at #1.