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Video: Fullerton women's basketball team addresses media after game dedicated to Monica Quan

The Fullerton women's basketball team played their first game since the loss of assistant coach Monica Quan on Saturday against UC Riverside and dedicated the performance to her. After the game, they addressed the media in a touching press conference.

By now you've probably heard plenty about the ongoing manhunt for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner - it's international news and it's hard to fathom that you haven't seen or heard something about it.

However, being that I initially heard about the story due to the involvement of Cal State - Fullerton women's basketball coach Monica Quan, I was somewhat surprised by a comment the other day from someone who had been following the story on the local news in Northern California:

So did you know that the person he shot was a women's basketball coach?

Almost immediately lost when this went from something that looked like another act of gun violence in the U.S. to a story of avenging the wrongs of the LAPD was the impact this had on the Fullerton women's basketball team that lost a member of their staff, their family.

Whatever else is said about this story and whatever comes of this manhunt, the press conference excerpted in the video above featuring a team that hasn't really even had time to heal grappling with this loss really drives home not only the magnitude of what Quan's immediate and extended family lost but also the kind of impact she had in life.

For the full video of the press conference, check out