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Tankology and Team Building

Here's our section focused on the art of team building and the process on how championship contenders are made.

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The Mystics prefer mediocrity over the future

The Washington Mystics' re-signings of veterans like Kia Vaughn and Ivory Latta indicate that they want to win big now. But it just isn't realistic.

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Ted Leonsis Shares His Ten-Point Rebuilding Plan -- The Redskins Should Use It

Could the Redskins' front office use Ted Leonsis' model for building a franchise team?

What Latta's & Herrington's signings mean for D.C.

Ultimately, these signings don't hurt the Mystics' potential chances for being in the 2016 WNBA Draft Lottery, but they also are a sign that their younger players aren't ready to be on their own just yet.

Ivory Latta re-signs with the Mystics

After making two straight All-Star teams with the Mystics, Ivory Latta has now earned a chance to be a long term piece in their rebuild.

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How to increase player mvmt & protect small teams

Here's a plan on how to make WNBA offseasons more exciting, while protecting teams in small markets.

Video: Thibault talks about the Mystics' young foundation

The Mystics' GM and Head Coach talks in-depth about why he extended options to Tayler Hill and Emma Meesseman, as well as the group he intends to build around for the future.

The Mercury won't tank 2015 because of Taurasi

The WNBA superstar is taking off because she can. Besides, Phoenix has a great team without her, and have made moves that don't go along the lines of tanking.

Five things the Mystics must do this offseason

The Mystics are a mediocre team with no superstar, the free agent class doesn't look enticing, and they have a late first round pick in a weak draft. That leaves only one other option to get better and that is by going younger than they were in 2014.

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The planned obsolescence of coaching

Regardless of how good a head coach is, their message and strategy often gets fatigued, which is a good reason to pull the plug on them.

NY's rehiring of Laimbeer is questionable at best

Apparently, the folks at Madison Square Garden think that the status quo is acceptable.

3 questions on how Agler will impact the LA Sparks

The Sparks as constructed don't exactly fit in with the type of basketball Agler ran in Seattle. We discuss how much change he may implement this summer.

Four questions on the Storm in the post-Agler era

Seattle has made the first step toward rebuilding after they parted ways with former HC/GM Brian Agler. But now the hard work really begins.

Mystics Q&A Part 3: How far along are they?

We take a deeper look at how much accountability Mystics GM/HC Mike Thibault should take, and more Mystics should aim for 2015 ECF

I would hope that the Mystics are trying to become a perennial championship contender, and I don't know if this goal does that.

Are "slash-and-burn" rebuilds simply tanking?

In the WNBA, if a team gets worse by trading all of its best veterans for young prospects, it's tanking. But the bigger question should be whether the younger players on a rebuilding team are better fits than the veteran players who were traded away

3 differences between two old WNBA & NBA teams

The Seattle Storm and Washington Wizards are two of the oldest teams in the WNBA and NBA respectively, but they don't share that much in common beyond their old average age.

Why do we hate tanking in the WNBA?

Intuitively, losing games shouldn't be a way to make teams better. But for some teams, doing so is their only way to successfully rebuild.

The WNBA doesn't need draft lottery reform

Given how restricted star player movement is in the WNBA, tanking for top draft picks is the only realistic way to get top talent.

The Chicago Sky: A WNBA model of the Ten Point Plan

If you want a successful example of this plan in the WNBA, look no further than the current Eastern Conference Champions.

Time for the Storm to rebuild from the ground up

In light of the team's gradual decline, it's time to blow up the Seattle Storm. That also means moving on from the current coaching regime.

Mystics still have talent issues heading into 2015

Until a superstar player's in D.C., they will not contend for a championship. This offseason may very well shape Mike Thibault's legacy and how well this team does.

The Mystics are headed in the right direction

The Washington Mystics decided to go young in the offseason. The new players they have acquired have played as well as we would have hoped, if not better.

Should the WNBA Draft Lottery be modified?

Or should it go altogether?

Hill's pregnancy shouldn't change DC's strategy

Her performance toward the end of 2013, the fact that many female athletes came back strong after having children, and the fact the Mystics are still rebuilding are reasons why they shouldn't just change everything because of her pregnancy.

2013-14 Offseason Notes San Antonio Silver Stars

A look at how the San Antonio Silver Stars might build their roster through the draft and free agency before the 2014 WNBA season.

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Should the Silver Stars go into full tank mode?

Maybe playing the rookies more often would help San Antonio's cause ... for 2014.

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Goodbye, Sammy. Hello Awful Side Of Basketball...

The Phoenix Mercury waive 2012 first round pick Samantha Prahalis affirming the lack of development, responsibility, and trueheartedness in the world of basketball.

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Are the Washington Mystics really rebuilding?

After the disastrous Trudi Lacey era in Washington (11-57 record in two seasons), many fans believed that the best thing for the next Washington head coach/general manager to do was to "blow the whole thing up". But is that what really happened?

Is it good for DC & Seattle to make the playoffs?

Their wins and losses haven't gone unnoticed, but does that get in the way of securing their long term futures?

Mystics need to commit to youth like the Wizards

Taking a page out of the Washington Wizards' rebuild where they now are starting to see multiple first round picks be part of a true young core, the Mystics need to do the same, starting with Tayler Hill.

Open Thread: Top non-Big Three draft prospects?

Who could be an impact player in the pros?

What's next for the Washington Mystics?

So how is their GM search going, and what should they consider doing once a GM is hired?