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The letter Daisha Simmons' legal counsel sent to Alabama

Earlier today, we reported that Daisha Simmons' legal counsel has filed a Title IX complaint against the University of Alabama. Below is the text of that letter as provided to Swish Appeal by Don Jackson.

‎As you are undoubtedly aware, I represent Ms. Daisha Simmons. Previous, I forwarded correspondence to your attention and an executed Academic Records Release form to your attention.

I am forwarding this e-mail on Ms. Simmons' behalf for the purpose of formally lodging a complaint. Information has come to my attention that strongly suggests that your Women's Basketball coaching staff has utilized student-athlete athletic financial aid to engage in a fairly broad and comprehensive pattern of bullying, harassment, retaliatory conduct and institutional hazing. Further, in light of the manner in which athletic financial aid is administered by this coaching staff, there are strong implications of conduct that violates Title IX. During this staff's tenure, multiple players were deprived of athletic financial aid for reasons that were entirely unrelated to either academic performance or student conduct issues. Further, the manner by which transfers, non-renewals of athletic financial, transfer releases and "waiver supports" have been handled by the basketball staff appear to disproportionately and adversely impact female female student-athletes. As you are undoubtedly aware, this may violate federal law.

Your athletic department (through the Women's Basketball staff) has engaged in a pattern of conduct that was calculated to intimidate and harass female student-athletes. This won't be tolerated further.

It is my client's desire to resolve this matter without legal action. However, please understand that this conduct will not be accepted without a response from this young lady and her family.

Donald Maurice Jackson, Esq., Principal
The Sports Group

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