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Taking a look at the 2021 ESPN Hoop Gurlz Top 10

The NCAAW class of 2025 features highly-touted UConn Husky Azzi Fudd and a trio of South Carolina Gamecocks (Raven Johnson, Saniya Rivers and Sania Feagin) ready to make an impact.

Big East Media Day
Azzi Fudd
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The college basketball season is around the corner and it’s time to take a look at the players who will likely be household names. Here’s the final article in a four-part series: the freshmen.

This is list is in order of the ESPN Hoop Gurlz Top 10 rankings for 2021.

1) Azzi Fudd (UConn Huskies)

Fudd is a quick, explosive driver with great finishing ability. She is an elite 3-point shooter who also makes a living pulling up for mid-range shots. Her defense and passing are also top-notch.

2) Raven Johnson (South Carolina Gamecocks)

Johnson is a phenomenal passer, especially in transition. She has a smooth 3-point shot, is great from mid-range, is great at driving and can rebound and finish around the rim. She has all the tools to be a great all-around point guard. She is also a great defender.

3) Saniya Rivers (South Carolina Gamecocks)

Rivers has great handles so she can bring the ball up and she also makes a lot of incredible passes. But her true talent will likely be scoring. She is a tall guard with a great 3-point shot, mid-range game and driving abilities. She can also back down in the paint.

4) Sania Feagin (South Carolina Gamecocks)

Feagin can handle the ball and make great passes in transition. She is also a good passer in the post. She is a great shot-blocker and inside scorer.

5) Caroline Ducharme (UConn Huskies)

Ducharme is a lethal 3-point shooter with a lot of range and a quick release. She is also a great driver and finisher and a good passer.

6) Aaliyah Moore (Texas Longhorns)

Moore has great inside moves, finishing ability and inside touch. She can also handle the ball on the perimeter and is good at fighting through contact in the post.

Moore is No. 23 in white in this video:

7) Jersey Wolfenbarger (Arkansas Razorbacks)

Wolfenbarger can flat out shoot (from mid-range and three), can create her own shot off the dribble and can make shots with very little space. Being a great passer is probably her second-best attribute. She can also drive and finish and has a nice floater. She will be hard to stop because of her height.

8) Olivia Miles (Notre Dame Fighting Irish)

Miles’ passing talent is off the charts, as are her shooting, driving, finishing and ball-handling abilities. She can make any pass (one-handed, long passes, passes to cutters, dump-off passes). She is very quick and can also make impressive fadeaway shots.

9) Teonni Key (UNC Tar Heels)

Key is a lefty who is a great inside scorer, shot-blocker and mid-range shooter. She is also a good ball-handler who can drive to the rim. She is the younger sister of Tennessee center Tamari Key.

Key is No. 13 on Carolina in this video (first in blue, then in white):

10) Rori Harmon (Texas Longhorns)

Harmon, like Johnson and Miles, has all the tools to be a great point guard. She is an amazing ball-handler, shooter and passer, who can also drive and defend.