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JMU kicks star post player Amber Porter off team

JMU starting center Amber Porter has been dismissed from the program, per a report.

Courtesy of JMU Athletics

Per a report by the Breeze Sports, student news paper for James Madison, the Dukes have dismissed center Amber Porter for violation of team rules. Porter’s basketball career has been rocky to say the least.

After winning ASUN freshman of the year, and following it up with a great sophomore campaign at Stetson, Porter abruptly decided to transfer. Upon arrival at James Madison, coaches off-the-record, were not impressed with her work ethic, and seemingly lack of desire to play basketball. Porter was also suspended during the spring, per

O'Regan said Porter had been previously suspended during the spring for violating team rules, but she had not faced any previous in-season discipline. O'Regan said Porter was not in any legal trouble nor did she commit an NCAA violation.

"I'm disappointed that it came to this," O'Regan said in a phone interview, "but it was the right decision for our team."

However, after sitting out a year, Porter seemed to rebound, and have a solid junior campaign, and was poised to build upon that this year it seemed.

More details to follow.