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Reigning CAA POY Precious Hall tears ACL; will miss season

The reigning CAA Player of the Year Precious Hall will miss the season due to a torn ACL, according to a report. Hall is the leading scorer for James Madison.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

James Madison has suffered a major loss, as their best player and reigning CAA Player of the Year, Precious Hall, has torn her ACL and will miss the upcoming season, according to a report by David DeGuzman of WHSV3 ABC.

Here is a quote from Dukies head coach Kenny Brooks from this Q&A:

It happened Thursday afternoon in a workout. And the 'what-if' game, I've gone through it my whole weekend but it was at the very end of the workout. The last minute or so of the workout. She was just doing a routine move. One that I've seen her do about hundreds of times. And at this particular time, she just kind of came down and hit someone's foot awkwardly and kind of twisted it. And looking at it, it didn't look like anything out of the ordinary from the way she went down.

Precious is one of the toughest kids that I've ever coached. And when she was screaming like she was screaming and clutching on to my arm the way that she was clutching onto my arm, I knew something was wrong.

We got the diagnosis (Sunday) and we broke the news to her (Sunday) and then we told the team (Monday).

The injury occurred last week.