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Williams dazzles crowd; San Diego moves to 12-1

Pacific didn’t give up easily, but San Diego defeated the Tigers, 69-56, and the Toreros are now 12-1.

Photo by Brock Scott

San Diego, CA -- It was a back and forth contest for both teams in the first quarter, West Coast Conference player of the week, Maya Hood getting things going for San Diego. Teammates, Sydney Williams and junior Katherine Hamilton, started to get going as well and were hot, helping the Toreros finish off the first quarter ahead, but not by far at 16-14.

Things heated up in the second quarter with Pacific's offense becoming more aggressive. Senior forward for Pacific, Erin Butler, was dishing out three-pointers with confidence and helped push the Tigers ahead of the Toreros 35-29 heading into half time.

It seemed like the Toreros were not quite ready to give up their winning streak. Their defense was aggressive coming into the second half, and shots were made from Maya Hood and Katherine Hamilton but it was Malina Hood who got San Diego tied back up with Pacific.

Coach Cindy Fisher said, "Effort is nothing I ever have to talk to them in a game about ever."

Williams was active the whole night, and continued to impress in the third with a three-pointer that pushed the Toreros ahead of the Tigers. "The third quarter really changed our momentum and built up our confidence," Williams said about what they the key to success was in this game.

Malina and Maya Hood were making their presence known as well, helping San Diego gain a 10-point lead over Pacific, and finishing off the third quarter 51-41.

The Tigers fought through the last quarter with shots from Butler and a three-pointer from Eackles, but this was not enough to steal the lead from the Toreros. Coach Bradley Davis said that the team will be working on getting more comfortable with their new roles and lineup changes going into their next game against BYU.

As for San Diego, they will go on to play Saint Mary's, January 2nd for another WCC game.