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Oregon grounds Pilots behind Petersen's wonderful performance

With an explosion by Lexi Petersen and a career-high performance by Maite Cazorla, the Oregon Ducks remain undefeated winning their 7th game at home this season.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The game started out great for Oregon as the Ducks gained a strong momentum early on, sinking the ball with ease going on an early 10-0 run. They repeatedly made three after three by Bando, Cazorla and Cooper making it look too easy for the Ducks.

Within five minutes in the quarter, the Ducks went on a 22-5 run, gaining a 13-point lead of 22-9. Jillian Alleyne did what she does best protecting the basket, and collected six rebounds in the first quarter alone.

And to not be lost is what caused the great start for the undefeated Ducks: "First I want to thank the Brenners. They brought Rice Krispie treats again," said Oregon coach Kelly Graves.

All humor aside, the Ducks are playing like a team on a mission.

The momentum began to shift in the remaining couple minutes, with the Ducks allowing three turnovers to give the Pilots the chance to try and catch up. However the Pilots missed their opportunities for points, and the Ducks kept their strong lead closing in the quarter.

Rachelle Owens kicked the second quarter off for Portland with a bucket to close the gap to 10 points. The Ducks were actually starting to lose their mojo, being scoreless early in the quarter, allowing another pair of back-to-back turnovers, which led to an Oregon timeout.

Gildon was able to get the first bucket for the Ducks in almost four minutes, and once that basket sank the Ducks were back on track. Alleyne started to come alive, supplementing her rebounds with layups to put points on the board. Marshay Moore played good defense, and Petersen sank a huge three, putting the Ducks ahead 13.

Lexi Bando closes the quarter out strong for the Ducks, sinking in a three to put the Ducks ahead 45-29. Jillian Alleyne reached an early double-double already in the first quarter, closing it out with 10 points and 10 rebounds.

It was a strong start for Oregon in the second half with a 3-pointer and layup by Petersen and a three from Cazorla within the first two minutes of the quarter. Followed by a layup by Vandenberg, the Ducks gained a big lead of 22 points. Oregon played good defense, holding Portland from the basket on a 14-6 run.

And with only a couple minutes remaining, Lexi Petersen EXPLODED, and this explosion just about wiped out any chance for Portland to catch up. Petersen made a pair of free throws following a Portland foul and did not make one, but two three-pointers, putting her at 21 points already in the third. With the explosive Petersen, the Ducks gained a lead of 30 points.

The quarter came to a close, 70-40.

The Ducks continued their skillful ball movement in the fourth quarter, driving to the basket and outsmarting Portland's defense. The Ducks were back to making it look way too easy as the buckets kept coming, expanding the lead further and further, putting the Ducks ahead 45 points with 2:30 remaining.

And with a final layup by Moore, as well as an appearance at the line for Portland, the game came to an end with another Oregon blowout, defeating the Portland Pilots 93-52.

Lexi Petersen was the leading scorer for the Ducks, being 2 points shy of her career-high with 23 points and 5 rebounds. Maite Cazorla hit her career high tonight with 18 points, and Jillian Alleyne once again with her 8th double-double this season at 15 points and 11 rebounds.

Sara Zaragoza was the leading scorer for the Pilots with 14 points and 4 rebounds, followed by Kaylie Van Loo with 11 points, 3 rebounds.