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NCAA women's basketball games I wish I'd seen on November 29

In my last day subbing for James, I briefly detail a few games I wish I'd seen yesterday.

Justine Hartman came up big for Cal against Wake Forest.
Justine Hartman came up big for Cal against Wake Forest.
Lance Iversen/USA TODAY Sports

A few of the games I would've liked to see yesterday have already been recapped by others (and posted at Swish Appeal):

So you can start with those two today, but here are a couple of others that grabbed my day.

Arizona State upsets #11 North Carolina, 94-81 (OT): Not only is it surprising that ASU won this one, but the way they won is also a break from tradition: typically one of the slowest-paced teams in the Pac-12, the Sun Devils won this game at what WBB State rated as a "very fast" game. The eye-popping stat, even for an OT game: ASU had 49 free throw attempts with senior guard Adrianne Thomas going 13-for-20 from the line.

#13 Penn State edges Oregon State, 61-56: Although OSU lost this one, it's noteworthy that they were even close. Part of their success was holding Maggie Lucas to just 4-for-13 shooting from the field as part of a defensive effort that held PSU to 31% shooting from the field overall.

Cal beats Wake Forest, 84-61: This isn't about the score as much as the fact that Justine Hartman was one off of her career-high (set in November 2011) with 16 points on 7-for-11 shooting. Not sure what got into her, but whatever it was Cal fans should hope she can bring it back home with her.

Minnesota survives Chattanooga, 63-62: This game was rated as slow by WBB State and neither team shot over 41%, but Gophers guard Rachel Banham still managed to drop 36 on 11-for-19 shooting. If you've never had the opportunity to watch her, the likelihood of that being a spectacular 36 is quite high.

There were 81 games yesterday and those were just six. So if you have others, feel free to drop them in the comments. If you're sick of following my lead, fear not: James will be back in action tomorrow and all will be right with the world.