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Fans, media critical of new points of emphasis in NCAA women's basketball

The short version of what happened to the California Golden Bears at Haas Pavilion this afternoon is that the Duke Blue Devils simply outplayed them in just about every phase of the game, despite never really being out of it completely.

However, the much talked about points of emphasis for how the game is officiated did draw quite a bit of attention during the game on Twitter and apparently on ESPN. Part of that is perhaps habitual complaints about Pac-12 officiating, but there was certainly a difference in the level of physicality allowed in Duke's win.

Statistically, it wasn't quite as bad as some have made it seem: as aggressive as Duke was around the basket, they got to the free throw line just 16 times (a relatively low free throw rate of 24.24% compared to their recent history). And Cal coach Lindsay Gottlieb noted after the game that she thinks the new rules will benefit her team as they have the athletes to defend with their feet once they adjust to how games will be called.

Nevertheless, this will probably be an ongoing storyline this season as the nation's more physical teams get going.