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The argument for the ACC to choose Louisville over UConn

With the ACC looking for a new member, Connecticut and Louisville are apparently the primary targets.

Jason Kirk writes for that he doesn't see how there's any debate here, if you remove your orange bouncy thing colored glasses.

The ACC needs urgent football help more than it needs anything else -- the Cardinals would be the only ACC team besides Florida State and Clemson in the BCS rankings right now. The only way the ACC can show FSU and Clemson, which could also leave, that it's committed to football is to bring on a school that's proved it can supplement their bowl winnings -- that school is not UConn. Louisville has a legitimate BCS bowl win in the past decade, and could add another this year -- UConn's best team ever also might have been the worst BCS bowl team ever.

UConn has better academics and is closer to a metropolis. Banking on these things will not keep Florida State and Clemson around.

There are definitely reasons why UConn would be a better choice, but all this realignment mess is about is money and football brings that many times more than anything else.

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