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Rutgers expected to move to Big Ten; Big East's decline continues

The latest episode in the ongoing NCAA conference realignment saga has Rutgers reportedly deciding to accompany Maryland to the Big Ten and furthering the demise of the Big East.

SB Nation's Rutgers blog On the Banks has already laid the groundwork for the Big East's obituary.

Big East basketball on the other hand...there is no limit to the calamities that deserve to happen to the Providence College mafia that bled a once-proud conference dry. That's what kills me about all this. The Big East should have worked. It was not done in by anything other than internal sabotage. I hope the football schools survive, but all of the basketball-only programs will now hopefully sink back down to the irrelevance that they rightly earned. We WANTED a powerful eastern conference, we begged, pleaded, fought kicking and screaming to the very end when you cronies just wanted to loot everything blind for your glorified social club. This is the Jeremiad you deserve. Rot and decay in hell you unscrupulous bastards.


Back on March 12, Charles P. Pierce wrote for Grantland that, "The Big East is losing big teams and replacing them with smaller ones, because, as is the case with so many colleges in so many conferences around the country, the administrations of some of its members have let their greed eclipse both geography and common sense."

In related news, a clean version of DJ Quik's Dollars and Cents should get serious consideration for the NCAA's new theme song and help to present a conceptual framework for the new common sense that has emerged from the wreckage of amateur athletics.