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VIDEO: Brittney Griner's 360 dunk at Baylor's Midnight Madness is pure awesome

As if she needed more hype heading into the 2012 women's basketball season, Brittney Griner showed the boys how she does it at Midnight Madness. And she does it pretty well, I might add.

You know this, and I know this but wow. Brittany Griner can dunk with the best of 'em.

And not just a run down the lane unopposed and pop one in. She can spin, and jump over people, and do the backboard bounce, and throw it down in the Baylor basketball midnight madness dunk contest. Her 360 followed by her nonchalant walkaway? Yeahhhhh.

I think the fact that she brushes it off like it's no biggie makes it all the more awesome.

The hype machine that is surrounding Griner is sure to get churning now that it's almost time for the Baylor Lady Bears to begin their title defense. The senior center is sure to be coming into her final collegiate season with all eyes on her as everyone waits for the Phoenix Mercury to call her name in the 2013 WNBA Draft. Oh, and those Baylor boys? Not too shabby, either.

Watch your rims, Waco! Someone wearing a highlighter colored uni might be coming to tear 'em down. And don't be so sure that it's a men's basketball player hanging on the hoop.

Go Big 12.