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NCAA Tournament 2015: Dance Cards

Dance Card: Miami, ACC at-large

A big step forward for a sophomore is a big step for a team.

Dance Card: Arkansas, SEC at-large

An uninspiring resume may not be indicative of tournament results.

Dance Card: Minnesota, Big Ten at-large

Wowie Zahui! (There. I did it. Just the once, though.)

Dance Card: Northwestern, Big Ten at-large

The Wildcats have a dynamic duo poised to make a splash.

Dance Card: Washington, Pac-12 at-large

At last, an East Coast audience will get a look at some different Huskies.

Dance Card: Oklahoma, Big 12 at-large

The Sooners are an enigma- but a well-coached one.

Dance Card: Iowa, Big Ten at-large

A team that Vulcans just have to love- they are, after all, followers of the way of Logic.

Dance Card: Pitt, ACC at-large

A star is born in the Pitt backcourt

Dance Card: Syracuse, ACC at-large

Bigs in the middle and scorers outside- a nice combination for the Orange.

Dance Card: Nebraska, Big Ten at-large

Nebraska's readier than we thought.

Dance Card: Oklahoma State, Big 12 at-large

There are a lot of OSUs in this field, aren't there?

Dance Card: Tulane, AAC at-large

A wave overpowers you by its full force, not just one part of it. So can Tulane.

Dance Card: Texas A&M, SEC at-large

It's a one-two punch for the Aggies- but do they have any follow-up jabs in them?

Dance Card: Gonzaga, WCC at-large

You can never count the Zags out. Not when they'll scrap for every chance they can get.

Dance Card: Duke, ACC at-large

Duke has size, but can they hang on to the ball?

Dance Card: Mississippi State, SEC at-large

Time to find out how the Bulldogs fare under pressure.

Dance Card: Oregon State, Pac-12 at-large

The Beavers have three talents brilliant at what they do. Will that be enough for a deep tournament run?

Dance Card: Tennessee, SEC at-large

The Lady Vols proved their mettle in the regular season- now it's tourney time.

Dance Card: Ohio State, Big Ten at-large

I'm not enamored of Ohio State, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be.

Dance Card: Green Bay, Horizon

A familiar name and a familiar coach, but a new group of faces, as Green Bay rises again.

Dance Card: Wichita State, MVC

Guard play will be key for the Shockers.

Dance Card: James Madison, CAA

Every time I see James Madison, I wonder why people aren't talking about them more. Maybe this will be the year they do.

Dance Card: Northwestern State, Southland

It doesn't matter how you start- if you're good enough, you rise to the top.

Dance Card: St. Francis Brooklyn, NEC

History in the making for the Terriers.

Dance Card: North Carolina, ACC at-large

Chaos, pandemonium, and speed.

Dance Card: American, Patriot

Rising to the top of the conference.

Dance Card: CSUN, Big West

Tiny guards who know how to handle themselves are some of the scariest opponents you'll find.

Dance Card: New Mexico State, WAC

The Aggies have options, and they're not afraid to use them.

Dance Card: Montana, Big Sky

These Bears are tough, and they don't back down.

Dance Card: Savannah State, MEAC

Dodging Cinderella and holding serve- all in a day's work in Savannah.

Dance Card: Arizona State, Pac-12 at-large

Who's it gonna be for the Sun Devils? Even they probably don't know.

Dance Card: Florida State, ACC at-large

A team with depth, balance, and something to prove.