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NCAA Tournament 2014: Dance cards

Dance Card: Cal, Pac-12 at-large

Making a Final Four raised expectations and Cal met them in conference play. But can they repeat their post-season success?

Dance Card: Arizona State, Pac-12 at-large

Charli Turner-Thorne works her magic again.

Dance Card: Vanderbilt, SEC at-large

Led by their guard play, Vanderbilt hopes to redeem themselves in the tournament after a disappointing season.

Dance Card: Kentucky, SEC at-large

Defense didn't win a SEC championship, but it's where Kentucky excels.

Dance Card: Syracuse, ACC at-large

May a steady starting lineup help them earn a NCAA Tournament win.

Dance Card: Oklahoma State, Big XII at-large

Alternating wins and losses could be a problem in a single-elimination tournament.

Dance Card: Purdue, Big Ten at-large

No B1G championship this season, but a solid fourth seed in the region closest to home.

Dance Card: Texas, Big XII at-large

There's no shortage of pride deep in the heart of Texas.

Dance Card: Georgia Tech, ACC at-large

Might want to box out Ty Marshall, if you get a chance.

Dance Card: Maryland, ACC at-large

If Thomas's teammates can consistently step up for her, allowing her to shine, Maryland can surprise some people. But if Thomas has to go it alone, the Terps could be a quick out.

Dance Card: LSU, SEC at-large

With a SOS like that, the Bayou Bengals come in battle-tested.

Dance Card: Iowa, Big Ten at-large

The point guard is the glue that holds this team together.

Dance Card: St. John's, Big East at-large

Oh, my Johnnies.

Dance Card: West Virginia, Big XII at-large

An experienced team that made some noise in the Big 12 this season.

Dance Card: Louisville, American at-large

Where SOS happens.

Dance Card: BYU, WCC at-large

Two bids for the second time in three years?? WCC's coming up!

Dance Card: St. Joseph's, Atlantic 10 at-large

There were no guarantees, but everything worked out fine.

Dance Card: Georgia, SEC at-large

Hardly a shoe-in, the Bulldogs look to surprise a few folks in the tournament again.

Dance Card: Oklahoma, Big XII at-large

It was a season that fell short of first place expectations, but resulted in a tournament berth nonetheless.

Dance Card: Texas A&M, SEC at-large

Still weird to think they're not in the Big XII.

Dance Card: N.C. State, ACC at-large

While their place in the field isn't a surprise, their run this season is a bit of one.

Dance Card: Duke, ACC at-large

The number two seed in UConn's region, again.

Dance Card: Florida State, ACC at-large

From the bubble to facing Iowa State in Ames for the first round the tournament.

Dance Cards: Florida, SEC at-large

You'll be forgiven if you were a little surprised by this one.

Dance Card: Iowa State, Big 12 at-large

Get ready for a three point barrage in Ames.

Dance Card: Penn State, Big Ten at-large

The Big Ten regular season champs are back with home court advantage.

Dance Card: North Carolina, ACC at-large

Youthful triumphs have defined the season.

Dance Card: Michigan State, Big Ten at-large

A veteran team that is sometimes overlooked.

Dance Card, Oregon State at-large

Scott Rueck's rebuilding process has been quite remarkable.

Dance Card: Dayton, A-10 at-large

Dayton makes the NCAA Tournament as a #11 seed.

Dance Card: South Carolina, SEC at-large

With one of their better wins, we'll grant them exclusive rights to the USC moniker.

Dance Card: Stanford, Pac-12 at-large

As though they needed more motivation while playing at home, Stanford enters the tournament as a #2 seed.