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NCAA: General

Baylor wins second straight Big 12 Tournament title

Baylor won its ninth Big 12 title in 11 years, its 10th overall.

Exclusive: Coaches talk

Here are a few exclusive quotes that we got from head coaches today.

After alleged violation, MVCC forfeits season

With three games left, the Mohawk Valley Community College women’s basketball team has been suspended.

Bulldogs wash Toreros off the court

San Diego couldn’t buy a basket against Gonzaga, shooting a dreadful 30 percent from the floor.

NCAA snubs mid-majors in Top 16 selections

One thing about the NCAA Top 16 selection was made clear: you could be a highly ranked mid-major and still not be considered the best.

Midseason names released for John R. Wooden Award

Check out the 25 players named to the mid-season watch list for a top award.

LeBron James crowns Shakyla Hill’s quadruple-double game

Shakyla Hill’s quadruple-double earlier in the week is now getting attention from NBA superstar LeBron James.

2 historic wins in 1 day

Geno Auriemma reached 1,000 wins Tuesday and he took the time to acknowledge Sylvia Hatchell who also made history hours before him.

St. Norbert: ‘Alcohol-related incident’ leads to 10-game suspension

The Green Knights will not play another game this season until January 27.

Criticism over White House refusal doesn't faze Staley

South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley doesn't have time to fret over criticism from not visiting the White House

Coleman ends Oklahoma's night too soon

Amarah Coleman's game-winning three put the cap on DePaul's crazy night.

10 mid-majors bound to make noise this season

After Quinnipiac shocked the NCAA Tournament last year, the mid-majors are finally getting respect on the national stage.

Geno Auriemma frustrated with gun laws after Texas shooting

After the Texas massacre on Sunday, UConn Geno Auriemma took to Twitter criticize the lack of gun reform.

Contract extension for coaches

Rutgers and Ball State have both made commitments to their respective head coaches.

Huskies clinch top seed in preseason poll

With top contributors returning, UConn is picked No. 1 in the coaches preseason poll.

Mountain Hawks lose 2 players

Unfortunate injuries sideline 2 players for Lehigh for the entire season.

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2017-18: Rumors, injury reports, coaching news, more

Get the latest on injuries, coaching news, and rumors the 2017-18 women’s college basketball season.

A commitment to community

Last night, 6 new members were inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Their words will move you emotionally.

Featured Fanshot

Exclusive: Women's Basketball Hall of Fame preview (Live)

Our Celia Palermo gives you an exclusive preview from tonight's Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

Six living legends score a spot in Hall of Fame

Tomorrow, six new members will be inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Featured Fanshot

Exclusive: UConn's Kara Wolters at Women's Baksetball Hall of Fame

Our host Sydney Shadrix interviews Kara Wolters, who is being inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

This stream has:

NCAAW: Coaching News, player injuries, transfers

Stay up to date on specific news surrounding coaches this offseason.

True March Madness

The Stockton Region is the most fascinating of all of the regions, find out why.

“The Final Season” hits bookshelves

Maria M.Cornelius, author of The Final Season, held a book signing in Knoxville, as she continues to honor the late Pat Summitt with her book.

“We knew it was something serious”

In the new Pat Summitt book, "The Final Season", read exclusively about how her players and staff learned about her early-onset dementia.

McKey court case decided

Bryce McKey received his verdict today for being accused of sexual abuse by a former player he coaches.

All-American teams announced

The AP has released their winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team All-American honors. Superstar Breanna Stewart is again at the top of the list.

60 straight, still streaking

Is there any team out there who can compete with #1 UConn? They continue to blow past everyone they step on the court with.

Nation's Top 10 teams

These are only predictions, will these teams be in this same position when selection Tuesday comes?

Jealousy taken too far, innocent lives taken

Relationships can be complicated in their own ways, but what happens when there is a break-up and one of the parties won't let go of what once was?

Bad call or good call?

The buzzer went off and the Cougars team and fans were on the court to celebrate a game winner; they didn't know doing so would cause them to lose the game.

Writer George Rodecker passes away

One of the true backers of women's basketball just recently passed away on Christmas Eve. This writer was a truly legend.