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NCAA tournament 2013: Dance Cards

Profiles of the teams that will participate in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

South Florida, Big East at-large

Can the Smiths propel South Florida out of Lubbock?

Iowa State, Big XII at-large

It's mostly the threes.

Villanova, Big East at-large

They've been here before.

Michigan, Big Ten at-large

Can the Wolverines claw their way out of the Stanford subregional?

LSU, SEC at-large

Will home court advantage and the looming specter of New Orleans bring the Tigers through?

Texas Tech, Big XII at-large

Can Tech's senior core guide them deep into the tournament?

California, Pac-12 at-large

Can the Bears put together six solid games?

Georgia, SEC at-large

Does Georgia have the firepower to get out of Spokane?

Penn State, Big Ten at-large

Get ready for the shooter.

Kansas, Big XII at-large

Do the Jayhawks have what it takes to surprise everyone?

DePaul, Big East at-large

Dancing with Blue Demons.

Iowa, Big Ten at-large

What to expect from Iowa.

Miami, ACC at-large

Can the Hurricanes hang on to the ball?

Oklahoma State, Big XII at-large

Oklahoma State went toe-to-toe with Baylor. You think they're scared of anyone?

Colorado, Pac-12 at-large

Don't be afraid of Chucky... just properly respectful.

Nebraska, Big Ten at-large

It's probably a good sign that they have a Hooper. Literally.

South Carolina, SEC at-large

Don't count your chickens before they hit their free throws.

Creighton, MVC at-large

Can the Bluejays soar above their opponents?

Florida State, ACC at-large

Better late than never, especially at the end of basketball season.

Syracuse, Big East at-large

A big post in the middle and a zone on defense- will that be enough to get out of Knoxville?

Oklahoma, Big XII at-large

Does Oklahoma have enough left in the tank to keep on dancin'?

Louisville, Big East at-large

Will homecourt advantage be enough for the Cardinals? (probably)

UCLA, Pac-12 at-large

Can the Bruins escape Columbus? (Probably.)

Tennessee, SEC at-large

What makes the Vols go?

West Virginia, Big XII at-large

Do the Mountaineers have what it takes to get out of Newark?

St. John's, Big East at-large

A completely unbiased, detached, analytical and totally objective look at St. John's. (Or not.)

Vanderbilt, SEC at-large

Can the Commodores take charge?

Dayton, A-10 at-large

Can the Flyers soar above their competition?

Michigan State, Big Ten at-large

What's the key for the Spartans?

Maryland, ACC at-large

What makes the Terrapins tick?

North Carolina, ACC at-large

What's the key for the Tar Heels?

Kentucky, SEC at-large

A little more about the second seed in Bridgeport.