News: Utah relieves Anthony Levrets of duties as head coach


"We appreciate the effort Coach Levrets put into our program, but we feel as though we need a change in direction," said Director of Athletics Dr. Chris Hill. "Our women's basketball program has achieved great success throughout its history and we are committed to its continued success."

Utah Athletics

Kennesaw State defeats Lipscomb, makes school history


"It was a great overall team effort. It was fitting for Kristina (Wells) to play her last game at the Convocation (Center), and end with a double-double. I am so thrilled that we were able to make history today. It is a great day to be an Owl. The A-Sun tournament is a new season, though, and we must prove the Kennesaw State brand again."

Kennesaw State coach Nitra Perry

Auburn dismisses leading scorer Hasina Muhammad


"Our student-athletes have to be held accountable for the choices they make," Auburn coach Terri Williams-Flournoy said in a statement. "It is a privilege to represent Auburn University as a student-athlete, and we expect everyone that is part of our program to conduct themselves accordingly."

Auburn coach Terri Williams-Flournoy

Gail Goestenkors on Kiah Stokes' 2015 WNBA draft potential


"If Geno [Auriemma] can't make somebody score, you are probably not going to be able too, either," Goestenkors said. "But if you have a pick, and you don't need immediate help offensively as much as someone who can give you a defensive spark, then she would be perfect...So, if you have some time to develop her offensively, and understand that it may never come, that it may not [scoring] be a part of her DNA, which is OK, then she will be fine. Every player is different."

From Fever's Goestenkors Likes What She Sees In Stokes, KML by John Altavilla of The Hartford Courant. ESPN analyst and WNBA coach Gail Goestenkors hit upon a major red flag for draft prospects out of the NCAA: players who don't score much in college rarely score at a higher rate in the pros, whether coached by the best of the college ranks or mere mortals.

FIU head coach Cindy Russo retires, effective immediately


"I want to emphasize Coach Russo's legacy on the game of basketball," Executive Director of Sports and Entertainment Pete Garcia said. "Not only was she a difference-maker to the FIU program, but she was one of the best coaches in the history of women's collegiate basketball. Her leadership in the game of basketball will be sorely missed. She will be a member of the FIU family forever.

FIU Atletics

Diamond DeShields speaks at NCAA convention regarding scholarships and performance


"I think it's fair for coaches to not renew an athlete's scholarship (based on performance) - that's why we're here."

Diamond DeShields via Steve Berkowitz

Taya Reimer returns to Notre Dame basketball team


"(Taya Reimer) just took a few days off," said Muffet McGraw. When pressed further about the reason, McGraw didn’t elaborate. "I offered it to her to take some time off to think about some things. She took me up on it.

Notre Dame Insider

Janee Thompson out for season with with dislocated ankle, broken leg


"We are so sad for Janee," Kentucky Coach Matthew Mitchell said in a release late Sunday. "We never want to see a player sustain an injury like that. We are particularly sad for Janee because she's worked so hard and has really come into her own. She will continue to make an impact on our team with her leadership.

Kentucky coach Matthew Mitchell to the Lexinton-Herald

Minnesota coach Marlene Stollings on team's rise to top-25


"I am thrilled for our team and program to be recognized by the national media with a return to the top-25. "Our young ladies have faced adversity head on with the loss of Rachel Banham, and have flourished. We teach our young ladies that basketball is a microcosm of life, and you have a choice when faced with difficult situations - you can step up and fight or you can be deflated and defeated. This team has shown resiliency, grit, toughness and character in light of difficulty and I couldn’t be more proud of them at this point in our season."

Minnesota coach Marlene Stollings

Tony Bozzella on Seton Hall's first ranking in 20 years


"One of my goals when I took over my Alma mater was to make our program relevant -- and our players and staff have accomplished that. Now the goal is to keep it there!"

Seton Hall coach Tony Bozzella