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I like sports and I don't care who knows.

Video: South Carolina celebrates National Championship

South Carolina made history by winning their 1st National Championship. Watch their celebration.

Tabitha's Take: WNBA & Orlando

The WNBA shows support to the Orlando community after the tragedy that took place at Pulse Nightclub.

Sparks are hot and Parker is cool off-the-court

The Los Angeles Sparks have an undefeated record, yet all the games haven't been blow outs. Star player Candace Parker, doesn't immediately focus on the game when she returns home.

Lynx still unscratched

Teams have come close to beating the Lynx, however their firepower continues to hold off teams, racking up another victory.

"On a New Level"

Last season the Sparks started the year without key player Candace Parker. This year she's here and so far this season, nobody has been able to beat them.

CP3 goes to work

The manner in which Candace Parker opened the season, all viewers know this young woman is focused, determined and on a mission this year.