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My name is Olivia Ray. I am a basketball lover, and was born and raised in southern Indiana. I have a passion for sports, which I studied at Indiana University as a broadcast journalism major. I live for game days and telling the stories about the athletes, coaches, fans, and everyone else who eats, sleeps, and breathes athletics.

Big Ten Tournament: Purdue edges past Indiana

With Friday afternoon’s win, Coach Versyp now has the most wins in the Big Ten Conference Tournament by any coach with 21 under her belt.

Indiana shows resilience

Indiana and Iowa faced off in a tough game that led to double overtime Wednesday evening.

Buss-ting up the Wildcats

The Hoosiers hounded the Wildcats the entire game, holding all of Northwestern’s players under double-digit scoring.

Buckeyes snap Indiana’s streak

Indiana found themselves in a huge hole early, and even though they fought back in second half, it wasn’t enough.