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Senior at the University of Kansas majoring in journalism with an emphasis in sports broadcasting | Future NFL sideline reporter | A little too proud member of the Chiefs Kingdom | Former college volleyball player | Daughter and friend above ALL |

Historic: WNBA, FanDuel partner up to offer Fantasy game

The WNBA has become the first women’s professional sports league with a fantasy game.

Sooners lose another impact player to transfer

Oklahoma will be without up and coming sophomore Nancy Mulkey next year as she is transferring.

Willock suspended indefinitely

Kansas State freshman Eternati Willock was arrested Sunday and has been suspended from the team indefinitely.

Mississippi State will be back

The ending for the Bulldogs was hard to swallow, how will they respond next season?

All SEC title game

Braggings right will belong to the SEC next year, but for who: South Carolina or Mississippi State?

The “pride” within the (Bull)dogs

It isn’t the size of the dog, but the size of the fight within the dog — MSU proved that Friday night.

Finding a way to win

Despite being down early, the Gamecocks never quit and now will play in the Title game.

Stanford is headed back to Sweet 16

Stanford advances to 10th consecutive Sweet 16 appearance after pounding Kansas State.

Calvert’s father speaks out on KU’s lack of Title IX investigation

McKenzie Calvert’s father speaks to Kansas Senate about how KU failed to launch a Title IX investigation.

Davidson fires head coach Michele Savage

Another coach has been fired, this time, Davidson’s Michele Savage.