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Writer at Miami University

Another scoring threat added for Ohio State

A powerful team gets that much tougher to beat when a role player steps up and adds to the scoring options. The Buckeyes arsenal continues to grow as the season moves forward.

Buckeyes bounce back

#5 Ohio State needed to get a win after being upset earlier this week by Northwestern. They didn't want to repeat what happened earlier this week and made sure not to with a 20-point win.

Buckeyes ride away from Scarlet Knights

#5 Ohio State remains undefeated in conference play. Their fast paced game was a tempo Rutgers couldn't keep up with for a consistent 40 minutes.

Seniors step up for St. John's

Seton Hall couldn't deny the seniors of St. John's: Aliyyah Handford and Danaejah Grant.

Ball movement was key for Akron

The Akron duo of Hannah Plybon and Anita Brown was just too unstoppable tonight.