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Senior Public Relations Major at UNC Chapel Hill

Tar Heels win in a nail-biter

Four players scored in double digits for the Tar Heels and each point was needed to get the victory after the Hokies warmed up in the forth.

UNC battled but couldn't stop #20 Miami

The game remained close the first 30 minutes of the game. When the 4th quarter started however, Miami had just too much firepower.

Too little, too late for UNC

The Tar Heels made one heck of a rally in the second half, but Nia Coffey and the Northwestern Wildcats were too much for North Carolina.

Candace Brown nails game-winner to beat UNC

UNC had a rough off-season and their start to the season is off to a tough start, as Gardner-Webb stuns the #20 Tar Heels on a Candace Brown jumper.