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Lukasz is an assistant professor of English at the University of Szczecin, Poland and an author of books on the NBA, i.e. the New Jersey Nets and the Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies. His most recent, the basketball biography of Jerry Krause, will be published in 2024.

EuroLeague Women: Quarterfinals recap

In the first games of the EuroLeague Women quarterfinals, the favored clubs—Fenerbahçe, Mersin, DVTK and Praha—all won, although some had to work really hard for their victories.

EuroLeague Women: Swish Appeal’s 2023-24 All-Group Teams

Swish Appeal’s EuroLeague Women analysts, Eric Nemchcok and Łukasz Muniowski, select their All-Group Teams. The Quarter-Finals begin Feb. 21.

Anderson talks Olympic qualification with Serbia

The naturalized point guard helped Serbia earn a berth to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. She chats with us about her experience at the FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Belém, Brazil.

Germany’s Olympic berth headlines WOQT action

Serbia edge out Brazil, Germany is about to make Olympic debut, as Serbia edged out host Brazil at the Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Belém. France dominated the tournament in China, as the hosts and Puerto Rico qualified for Paris.

EuroLeague Women: Gameday 14

Zaragoza, Villenueve-d’Ascq and Avenida take the last available quarter-final spots, while Fenerbahçe and Praha assert their dominance.

EuroLeague Women: Gameday 13

After Schio earns a postseason berth, Valencia and Zaragoza will fight for the last remaining quarter-final spot from Group A. In Group B, four teams will battle for the final two places in the playoffs.

Bridget Carleton on her 41-point performance and more

Fresh off a 41-point performance against Polkowice, Győr’s Bridget Carleton talks to us about her big night and much more.

EuroLeague Women: Gameday 12

DVTK makes the quarter-finals for the first time ever, Fenerbahçe returns to their winning ways and Bridget Carleton makes EuroLeague history for Győr.

Jori Davis talks WNBA Draft, activism and community

Jori Davis, a standout at Indiana from 2007-2011, is the creator of the WEVOLV app. She shares her insights on basketball, leadership and life in general.

EuroLeague Women: Gameday 11

Fenerbahçe loses while Lublin wins? Gameday 11 featured exciting play and unexpected results. Marina Mabrey was stellar for Mersin, Alina Iagupova had an uneven debut for Valencia and Praha officially made the quarterfinals.