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Hey ya'll I'm Kymbrye (Kim-Bree). I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a colored history working in sports media. I grew up loving sports which led me to research all things athletic to feed my undying curiousity. My passion for sports is only rivaled by my drive to cover them with the utmost respect and detail. To me there is nothing more important than educating and entertaining the fans (and even those pesky non-fans [; ) through sports media. I've never been a bandwagon fan, and despite the losing seasons of many of my teams I can honestly say I've never faltered in rooting for my favorites. You can see some of my previous work at and follow me on social media: Twitter: @KymbryeAnn Instagram: SportsSkinny Youtube: Sports-Skinny

Game 3 displayed the best form of basketball

There has been a lot of nonbelievers, cynics and skeptics of the WNBA. We have a question to ask them: Did you watch Game 3 of the Finals between the Lynx and the Fever?

Young Malcolm's final home game: "It's been great"

In what was her last home game ever in the WNBA, Sophia Young-Malcolm did not get the farewell she desired, as the Phoenix Mercury did a number on the San Antonio Stars.