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I am a writer with five years of professional, published experience with a BA in Creative Writing from Georgia State University. My interest is in underlying patterns, statistical analysis, and sports technique. Undertale is a really dope game and you should play it.

Oh, Boy! What A Mistake!

Northwestern’s Ashley Deary decided to tie her shoe, then THIS happened (funny)!

Year of the Dog: Huskies, Bulldogs 1 and 2 in final ranking

The Huskies and the Bulldogs were ranked first and second in the final top-16 ranking of the year.

Making it 100

Connecticut goes for an unprecedented 100th win in a row, will they be able to do it against No. 6 South Carolina?

Blue Sky no more: Delle Donne a Mystic

With Elena Delle Donne being traded to the Washington Mystics, what does it mean for both teams? Our analysis.

Fighting Irish come out on top 

No. 8 Notre Dame showed some "serious" fight in their comeback over No. 14 Duke.

Bears beatup Mountaineers

Words can’t describe what Baylor did to No. 17 West Virginia.

Too Sooners

Kansas State couldn’t overcome Oklahoma — and the star of the night: Maddie Manning.

Elizabeth Williams is the key 

When Elizabeth Williams first arrived in the WNBA, things didn’t go too well, now she’s found a home in Atlanta.

[extreme David Caruso Voice] Looks like the Seminoles…Cut Some ‘Cane

Florida State won by 15, but the game was closer than that. Florida State is deeper, Miami more top-heavy.

No magical moment for Maryland

Maryland gave their best punch to UConn, especially in the 4th, but what were the reasons they couldn’t pull off the upset?