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Danielle Lewan is a driven, multidisciplinary journalist with an imagination for writing and passion to report. From chasing breaking stories to investigating tough leads, she is dedicated to discovering news to inform her community. Danielle believes the fact is: news changes lives. She says if she can change one life through a news story, then her career will be worthwhile. Danielle is not afraid of a challenge. From talking one-on-one with a survivor of a retirement home fire to sitting down with a veteran suffering from PTSD, she has a way of communicating with others. One of the most memorable moments in Danielle’s work was reporting on a child eating for the first time in five years after the positive effects of cannabis oil. She documented the triumph during an internship in both broadcast and web formats, resulting in some of her best work yet. One of Danielle’s favorite quotes is, "It’s not about what you know, or who you know, but who knows you." She makes it a daily goal on the job to leave a positive lasting impact on the people she meets. She maintains strong relations with local officials in the Athens area, and networks daily with professional peers along the eastern coast as far as the Big Apple. When she’s not telling compelling stories through people here in the states, she’s looking forward to her journalistic adventure studying abroad at Oxford University in England this summer.

Minnesota Lynx's gem

The Minnesota Lynx are stacked, but one player continues to be a shining star among a team full of stars.