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I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Sports Media degree. I have played seven different sports for more than 15 years. I am an avid sports fan.

Cowgirls’ fast start reigns in upset

Jordin Canada and Loryn Goodwin both stuffed the stat sheet, yet in the end, Goodwin and Oklahoma State captured the upset.

Sherri Coale seeking leadership

After dropping another game, Oklahoma’s head coach is looking for one of her players to step up.

Loryn Goodwin rises up after family tragedy

Loryn Goodwin did whatever her team needed her to Tuesday with solid numbers in every statistical category.

Cowgirls pound Tigers in exhibition game

With a win under its belt, Oklahoma State is ready to start the season.

One #1 outshines the rest

The games between the Phoenix Mercury and Seattle Storm held something special this year, with five players who were drafted #1 coming out of college.

Wings off to 2-1 start

The Mystics and the Wings have both started the season without their returning starting point guard. In their absences, both teams have had a player step up, especially for Dallas.

Mercury to Conference Finals; Shock done in Tulsa

The Phoenix Mercury swept the Tulsa Shock 2-0 and now head to the Conference Finals. It's an even tougher night for the Shock, as their season and time in Tulsa comes to an end.

Liberty rest key players as Mystics win 82-55

The New York Liberty strategized, and the Washington Mystics gained confidence against the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.