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NCAA snubs mid-majors in Top 16 selections

One thing about the NCAA Top 16 selection was made clear: you could be a highly ranked mid-major and still not be considered the best.

Staff member resigns from Iowa State

Adam Urness, a women’s basketball staff member, has resigned after running into trouble on social media.

Hot take: Legends are being made this season

Check out this week’s "The Triple Double" to look at players who are making a name for themselves and why South Carolina might be in a pickle.

Vaden steps down after three decades of service

Don Vaden, the WNBA Director of Officials, has stepped down to focus on his new consulting venture.

The Triple Double: The Respect issue

Check out some of the most interesting topics as teams head back to the court.

Sylvia Hatchell: A Symbol of Greatness

As Sylvia Hatchell approaches history, her peers take a moment to show appreciation for her contributions to the game.

South Carolina to request waiver

With minimal help at the guard position, the Gamecocks hope for help in the form of Te'a Cooper.

Duke loses Boykin to injury

The Blue Devils have lost starting guard Mikayla Boykin to a season-ending knee injury.

The Triple Double: Time to wake up

The first edition of "The Triple Double" focuses on how people keep sleeping on mid-majors, South Carolina gets no love and UConn continuing to prove they're still the best in the business.

Criticism over White House refusal doesn't faze Staley

South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley doesn't have time to fret over criticism from not visiting the White House