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I'm a proud third-generation Tar Heel and frustrated ex-hoops player with lopsided ears, SEC roots, and an unshakeable trust in the healing properties of Wild Turkey Bourbon. I'm a storyteller. To put it simply – sports, traveling, and food are my steadiest passions. I relish the small things – a cold shower in the summer, a new friend on the subway, and that rare onion ring in a box of Sonic fries. Oh – and unless you're Jay Bilas, keep your dark blue allegiance to yourself.

Double dose of aggression

Leticia Romero and Brittany Brown dominated for the Seminoles as they both filled the stat sheet to take down in-state rivals.

Seattle clinches a spot in playoffs

The Los Angeles Sparks decided to rest a few of their players tonight. The Storm attacked them fully loaded with their entire squad, and now have done something that hasn’t been done in years.

Mamba is balling!

Diana Taurasi has been playing on a mission and has been a consistent force for Team USA.

Team USA clicking on all cylinders

The Women’s national team is like no other in the Rio Olympics — they get each other like they’ve been playing together for years.

US holds off Canada

The United States found themselves in an early battle with Canada as both teams entered the game without a blemish to their record at this point.

Ejections bring added emotions

Emotions were running high in the Chicago Sky and Phoenix Mercury game, especially in the third quarter.