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Interview: Natalie White and Moolah Kicks, trailblazing in the basketball sneaker world

Under founder and president Natalie White, Moolah Kicks is leading the charge in athletic performance as the only company focusing exclusively on girls’ and women's basketball sneakers.

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Moolah Kicks
Moolah Kicks founder and president Natalie White, photographed in Boston in 2021.
Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

When you think of basketball sneakers, what's the first shoe that comes to mind? Air Jordans? Maybe a Kobe? Or perhaps a LeBron? There is nothing wrong with those sneakers; they are all popular and have stood for excellence in performance for decades. But there's one issue: they are designed for men.

Enter Moolah Kicks, the first sneaker company to sell basketball sneakers specifically made for girls and women. Founder and president Natalie White created her company to solve this issue when she saw a 2019 ad in a magazine featuring all WNBA players, but the shoes they were promoting were all male signature sneakers.

"It really struck me because what is the message that it's saying?" White posited to Swish Appeal.

It's saying, you can be the absolute best at women's basketball, but you'll still be wearing and promoting sneakers that aren't named for you. And that was the first time that I really thought about it and I said, wait a second...We as women's basketball players have kind of been conditioned to think we should be happy to be here and we should be happy that the LeBrons come in our size.

We should be happy to be able to shop in the children's section and to have access to all these shoes. But that mentality is really continuing to perpetuate this message that men's basketball is actually the standard of which women's basketball should be compared against.

Well, in just a few years, Moolah Kicks has emerged as an industry leader, dropping sneakers like the Press Break, sold exclusively at DICK’S Sporting Goods. What separates this sneaker from the others in the market is it’s made with the needs of the female foot in mind.

New York Liberty v Chicago Sky
The Chicago Sky’s Courtney Williams sports a pair of Moolah Kicks during a 2023 WNBA game.
Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

Women basketball players are more likely to tear their ACL compared to their male counterparts. The Press Break takes into account the biomechanical and anatomic factors of the female foot to increase stability, which helps with control and reduces the force coming up to the knee.

Following the Press Break's success, Moolah Kicks released the Triple Double and Neovolt Low to the market. The Triple Double is the first high-top shoe designed for forwards and bigs, while the Neovolt Low is the first low-top shoe designed for guards. With these three shoes in the market, Moolah Kicks saw a gap in the basketball shoe game and created three different lines that can fit any player in any position.

It's tough for White to say which of these sneakers is her favorite, but she did reveal her favorite colorway from the most recent releases. “I’d say my favorite colorway is the Easter Storm, Neovolt Pro,” White said.

I think we released that in spring of 2023. And we just got such a positive response from female basketball players who loved the outsole, loved the traction that it delivered, loved the colorway, the story, the hype behind the shoe. And we’ve received a lot of love on that shoe. I also personally think it’s one of my favorites because it’s super clean, but it still grabs your attention.

In over 500 DICK'S Sporting Goods stores nationwide and backed by Mark Cuban, Moolah Kicks has a bright future—and the brand is just getting started. "I'm excited we'll have a new drop in Spring/Summer 2024," White said. "Can't release what that'll look like just yet, but we will have a new drop in both Spring/Summer and then again in the fall."

So the next time you're looking for sneakers for the girl or woman baller in your life, head to your local DICK'S Sporting Goods store and give Moolah Kicks a try. Or, you can go directly to their site.

Playing sports at any level—both safely and to the best on one’s ability—requires the proper equipment. Moolah Kicks is ensuring that girls and women can do just that, never settling for something that's "okay" or "good enough" but actually purchasing a product that was designed with them solely in mind. Boys and men have never had to worry about this and with Moolah Kicks blazing the trail, future generations of girl and women ballers won't either.