Maya Moore's unbreakable records

Maya played in 281 regular season games with a record of 200-81. No other player is close to her .710 winning percentage or 25/year average. She also won 40 postseason game for a 5/year average. Again, no one is close. Combined, she averaged 30 victories per season!!

She averaged 623 points/year. She was 12 rebounds away from yearly averages of 600+ points, 200 rebounds, and 100 assists. She averaged over 125 postseason points per season.

Maya is the only player to score in double digits in every game of a 34 game season. Cynthia Cooper did this in the 28 game season and the 30 game season. 2 players accomplished it in the wubble 22 game season.

Her career total winshares is 15th in league history, with an average of 6.7 per season. Lauren Jackson is the only other one over 6.

Maya is the only player to named All-Star MVP three times in a row, and the only one to be MVP 50% of the games played during her career.

When she played a season, she had an 78% chance of being on the championship team.

High School 3-1, AAU 4-0, NCAA 2-2, Spain 1-0, Euroleague 2-0, China 3-1, Team USA 6-0, WNBA 4-4

Total 29-8

She is the only player to make the Finals in 75% of her seasons played, except for Cooper who only played 5 years. She had 3 iconic Finals shots (2011 Game 1 reverse layup, 2015 Game 3 buzzer beater, 2017 Game 5 dagger).

She was 15 (2012-2,2014-4,2016-1,2018-8) wins away from taking all 8 titles during her WNBA career!

She was undoubtedly the only 6' 0" player in league history who was her team's career leader in blocks when she stopped playing.

Sore losers claim that she never played on a team which wasn't stacked. They disregard the 2010 Team USA incident, wherein Geno scheduled 4 scrimmages between the national team and the select team of collegiate women. He had Maya play 2 games with each team. At the end, she was 4-0, with the go-ahead assist in one select team game and the game winner in the other. So much for that argument.

Maya simply performed in a class by herself.