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What would a WNBA title mean to Connecticut?

The Sun making their fourth Finals appearance yet still searching for their first championship. Today we break down what a championship would mean to the Connecticut Sun.

2022 WNBA Finals - Game One Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This is it. The Sun are one of two teams left playing in the WNBA playoffs, and they have a golden opportunity to go to Vegas and actually win big.

They lost Game 1, but the game was highly competitive, and they lost by only three points. They’ll have a chance to redeem themselves in Game 2 and even the series 1-1 heading back to Mohegan Sun Arena. Given that the team has never won a WNBA title, it got us thinking, what would a Sun championship mean to Connecticut?

By beating the Chicago Sky, the Sun shut a lot of their haters up. The joke that they are the “Jazz of the WNBA” — a team that performs well in the regular season, but will fold the moment they face a top title contender — has now been laid to rest. The Sky were heavily favored throughout the series and even had a double-digit lead entering the fourth quarter. However, it was Chicago, not Connecticut, that crumbled apart and lost Game 5. The Sun didn’t set on Connecticut’s season; it rose and shone brightly in Vegas.

Despite the upset, reaching the Finals again for the fourth time in franchise history and the second time in the Curt Miller era, the Sun will never get the respect they deserve until they win it all. They have the unfortunate recognition as one of the most successful teams to have not won a title. No team in WNBA history has won as much as the Sun have and not won it all. So regardless of their success and upset wins, they will always have a few skeptics and critics until they win it all, and as unfair as that is, that’s reality. Winning a title would end that and eliminate the sentence, “The Connecticut Sun have never won a title” from the English language.

The state of Connecticut has seen a lot of basketball greatness with the UConn women’s basketball team, but the WNBA team has always had it seasons end in heartbreak. For the people of Connecticut, victory would eliminate that pain and unite the state in a way only sports can.

As a team, winning a title is the only accolade missing from the Curt Miller era. It’s all that there’s left to do. In 2021 the team won awards for Coach of the Year (Miller), Most Improved (Brionna Jones), Most Valuable Player (Jonquel Jones), and even advanced to the Commissioner's Cup Final. This season Brionna Jones won Sixth Player of the Year.

It’s time to win it all. Victory is easier said than done with the Sun facing the number one seed Las Vegas Aces, but the victory would cap off a historic run for Curt Miller and the Connecticut Sun. It would silence the critics and cynics and give the people of Connecticut a well-deserved title. They’ll have a chance to even up this series and head home even on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on ESPN.