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Triple Threat Podcast: Where does Sylvia Fowles rank all-time?

The Bonnet Gang tries to contextualize Sylvia Fowles’ WNBA career as it comes to a close.

Minnesota Lynx v New York Liberty Photo by Evan Yu/NBAE via Getty Images

Sylvia Fowles has a finite number of WNBA games left in her final season, and that number is dwindling with the Lynx projected to be out of the playoff picture as Fowles is sidelined with a knee injury. That makes it as good a time as any to take stock of the LSU legend’s overall career, and the Bonnet Gang tries to place Fowles’ resume in the context of other frontcourt greats like Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker.

Speaking of those L.A. legends, the Triple Threat crew also gets into the news of Derek Fisher’s firing and how the Sparks move forward from here, specifically as it relates to Liz Cambage since she was the team’s highest-profile acquisition of the offseason. They then touch on some other WNBA topics, including expansion, which teams in the top half of the standings could take a tumble, and which teams at the bottom could jump into the postseason.

They also get into the NBA Finals, giving their thoughts on the never-ending Draymond Green discourse, as well as what to make of the Phoenix Suns (and Mercury!) Covid outbreak, CJ McCollum’s best fit, and the NBA also adding additional teams. And make sure to stay through the end for the Bonnet Gang’s music recommendations.

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